About Us

The Coffee School Bus was born Feb 2017

Coming from a background of over 18 years as a barista and 30+ years in hospitality, I saw the importance of having the right skills and knowledge to be above and beyond the others when it came to working in a city that has the best reputation of serving the best coffee in the world.

For students looking at what they may do for a job or do while looking for a job, becomes somewhat of a reality that it is likely to be in some form, hospitality.

While working for another coffee training facility in the CBD, I quickly realised that it is a big issue for schools to get all students to attend such classes.

This got me thinking; what would I have to do if I could go to THEM.

I looked at many different ideas and vehicles. I wanted something different and something that would solve all the issues of numbers of students and location.

I came to the conclusion that having a bus fitted with coffee machines and grinders, able to travel anywhere and be self- contained, would work.

Now to work out how to do it.

As this had never been done before, I had to learn from my mistakes.

Found my bus, found my fit-out company. Used the professionals to work out the layout around my requirements. Allowing to be able to be used for events as well. (benches for serving)

After doing my first 50 students, I realised that not all students are under 6ft. Hence came my next dilemma, height.

April 2018 came the birth of the Coffee School Bus baby (a coffee cart)

This allows for students to stand outside the bus and be trained from the coffee cart that is equipped with a coffee machine and grinder. This also solves any issues with students who have special requirements.

The Coffee School Bus is looking at being an important and vital part of all school training.

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